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Cut Wood

1.2 Cubic Metres

Closeup of freshly cut logs
Pile of Logs

2.4 Cubic Metres

Wood kindling ready for winter.jpg

Glevering firewood is seasoned wood sourced from ancient woodland on the etstate. We actively manage about 150 acres of woodland using sustainable methods to protect the growth of the trees for years to come.


The management we are undertaking is known as coppicing, a traditional method that fells approximately 2 to 3 acres of trees annually opening up areas of woodland promoting new growth at ground level. This results in a sustainable supply of firewood and also provides huge benefits to the woodland in terms of biodiversity including flora, fauna and wildlife.



Glevering firewood is sourced directly from broadleaf trees on the estate. Broadleaved trees are denser than softwoods such as pines and provide more heat per similar sized bag or trailer load. The firewood we supply is predominantly ash with some oak and sycamore which burns well without the danger of spitting.


Freshly cut logs can contain between 30 and 50% moisture and are difficult to burn without seasoning. All our logs have been felled and stored to season over the summer months before we deliver to our customers.


All our firewood is sourced, felled, processed and stored on the estate ready for delivery. We deliver all firewood free of charge within a ten mile radius of IP13 0EU. All deliveries over 10 miles will be charged an additional £10.

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