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Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

Hire Term

From 9.00 am Tuesday to 12 noon Sunday (Saturday Weddings). Please note this hire term is for weddings only on one day and does not include extra parties or entertaining the night before/morning after a wedding unless by prior agreement & at an extra cost. This Hire Term allows time for all suppliers to set up and for you to decorate the marquee and venue to your exact requirement.

Payment: (Saturday Weddings)

50% non-returnable deposit as confirmation of the booking and the balance to be paid in full one month before the date of the wedding. If a third party wishes to make payments due to us on your behalf we are happy to accept such payments, but please note that unless we agree with you in writing you are legally responsible for any payments due to Glevering Estate. If the agreed amount is not paid in full by the date of the last instalment then the Agreement will be null & void.


Please do not leave children unaccompanied at any time and be aware that we have ponds close to Oak Meadow as well as several uneven surfaces. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety of their children at all times whilst at Glevering Estate. We reserve the right to ask parents of unsupervised or disruptive children to remove them from the premises.

No Smoking

Glevering Estate is a smoke free zone but there will be clearly marked sand buckets available.


Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Glevering Estate cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.


Any damage to the property or equipment at Glevering Estate will be chargeable to you.


We allow camping and caravan pitches within Oak Meadow at a charge of £20 per pitch for a non-electric pitch or £25 per pitch for a pitch with an electric hook up. All pitches are to be set up within a designated area of Oak Meadow with bookings per pitch to be paid in advance two weeks prior to the wedding. Guests are requested to contact Glevering Estate directly to book a pitch. There is no charge for any bridal tent.

Access & Parking

Oak Meadow has two accesses and these are arranged as an 'in' and 'out' for the car park. We provide signage for the car park entrance and a designated taxi rank however please do let us know if you would prefer to use your own signs. Parking is to be laid out in rows within Oak Meadow and we strongly recommend you enlist help on the day to help your guests park; this will avoid anyone parking too close to the marquee or blocking entrances. 

Any cars left overnight must be collected by 12pm on Sunday.

There is no electricity connection supplied to the Venue. You will need to arrange for a generator to enable power to your marquee and other suppliers. A water supply is provided for caterer's washing up only; it is not drinking water.


We are a working farm so please note that dogs are not allowed, except guide dogs.

Promotional Materials

Unless notified in writing Glevering Estate reserves the right to use any material (photographic or video) shot by guests &/or professional photographers and to take our own promotional photos & videos which you agree to being used at any time either online, through our website, via our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter pages, and/or through printed media. You also agree to your photographer/videographer giving us access to their photographs (with credit to them) to use as above.


Glevering Estate has in place insurance cover for the Location and all other property of Glevering Estate which forms part of the Location on hire either permanently or only for the duration of the Hire Term. Glevering Estates’s insurance shall not cover the Customer’s property nor that of any third parties. Glevering Estate will not be liable for any personal injury or damage to property, which occurs during the Event. Glevering Estate will not be liable for any other loss or damage arising out of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


There is a capacity limit of 150 people at the venue.

Cancellation of Booking

In the event of cancellation by the Customer at any time the deposit is non-refundable. 

Health and Safety

Any and all electrical equipment to be used by the Customer during the Event must be fully PAT Tested. All such equipment must bear the appropriate labels and be accompanied by the appropriate certificates as proof of such testing and compliance.

Good Order and Nuisance

The Customer shall be required to keep all guests under a reasonable level of control. This obligation shall extend to noise levels, general behaviour and sobriety. This obligation shall also apply to other individuals such as performers hired by the Customer that are not under the control or the responsibility of Glevering Estate. Guests must comply with the reasonable requirements of management for the preservation of safety, law and order, to all licensing regulations and not cause annoyance or disturbance to our neighbours. You will be liable for any costs arising from breached regulations or unreasonable behaviour by your guests or your suppliers.

Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times.

Bars must close by 11:45pm. All music (live or recorded) used for the Event must finish by 12:00pm. Any person not paying heed to this will be asked to leave the premises immediately and Glevering Estate may turn off the power leading to any amplified music.

Chinese lanterns are not permitted. Fireworks are only permitted by prior arrangement.

The site must be vacated by 12:15pm.

Residents remaining on site as campers are requested to behave in a quiet and orderly manner after the end of the festivities. In particular please do not make excessive noise out of respect to those of us living here & our neighbours.


All catering is to be supplied by an outside catering company of their choice.

Venue Personnel

The Customer shall ensure that they or their suppliers provide any staff required. Glevering Estate does not provide staff.

Licensing and Alcohol

A professional licensed bar must have proof of the Temporary Events Notice awarded by the local council along with a Personal Licence holder working on site. It is their responsibility to ensure that your guests do not break the laws regarding alcohol consumption. Bars must close by 11:45pm. Should the customer decide to have a free bar no licence is required. No corkage is charged. 

Removal following Event

Unless otherwise agreed the Customer & their guests shall be required to vacate the Location at the end of the Hire Term. The field known as Oak Meadow must be cleared from all rubbish, bottles and any other debris. Where the nature of the Event necessitates additional time to remove any of the Customer’s property/decorations or props an alternative leaving time shall be agreed and set out on the Wedding Suppliers & Planning Sheet filled in by the Customer & Glevering Estate at least 2 weeks before the event. Suppliers (eg, marquees, toilets, generators etc) may collect on Monday after a Saturday wedding.

Wedding Planning - Suppliers

Please make sure we have a full list of suppliers & their contact details, plus all relevant information about the event as requested on the Wedding Suppliers & Planning Sheet, to be returned to two weeks before the event.

Exclusive Use of the Venue

Glevering Estate is our family home & we live here all year. Although we will not hire out any areas of Glevering Estate and/or its grounds to anyone else during the hire period we cannot guarantee that no one else will be present in these areas at the same time as your guests.

Guest Information

You must provide your guests with such information as we may reasonably request, for example directions to the venue, location of car park & ponds, storage of valuables etc. Please supply Glevering Estate with a copy of all information and invitations so we have a copy of all information in case anyone rings us for last minute details (as they often do).

We reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any time and without notice.

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