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Tried and Tested Tipis

Tipis are iconic structures with the ability for one or more structures to be linked together in various formations. Whether you are thinking of a small intimate wedding or a larger party, they seem to be able to accommodate it all. Particularly at Glevering, tipis blend into the landscape and can be a stunning choice for a wedding in the countryside.

The interior can easily be adapted to support most styles from bohemian rustic themes to more formal garden parties. The structures allow for different types of decoration, particularly hanging flowers as seen at our most recent wedding, where large floral balls hung from the crowns of the tipi.

With such a wonderful range of hanging decoration you could try pom-poms, bunting, lanterns, wreaths, hops or even fairy lit branches.

These tents perfectly show off ambient lighting, twisted around the large rustic poles of the tipi. But at night, these structures really come alive with clever lighting options making the tent radiate light from the inside out.

On beautiful summer days the sides can be raised to take in the view, particularly at Glevering where you can watch the sunset over your wedding. But even in less good weather, the sides can be pegged down and fairy lights can transform the space into a cosy, atmospheric venue. Many companies often include fire pits which can be placed inside the tipis for extra warmth and ambience.

For more information about tipi weddings, we suggest Events Under Canvas ( who have a selection available and will be able to advise you about formations, pricing and extras.

Photos within this blog are courtesy of our most recent wedding, Hanging Lantern Co, Simon Dewey Photography, Natural Wedding Co and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

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