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Are you looking for a contemporary, modern feel to your wedding? Frame marquees, or clearspan tents are aluminium framed structures that allow for open and uninterrupted floorspace enabling you to create the layout of your choice with crisp, clean lines. As the marquee has a metal structure, most couples choose a lining which is an easy way to introduce your theme to the wedding, from brilliant white, coloured, clear or even starcloth effect.

An incredible wedding I went to last year also used the frame to hang hesian in beautiful strips and there are numerous other ways to decorate these simple structures to ensure your marquee is completely unique.

The outside of the marquee is usually white and gives you the look of a classic, english wedding. The structures also allow you to configure any shape: rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped or even star shaped.

These marquees give you a contemporary blank canvas to create your own wedding vibe. For help with layouts we recommend contacting our local supplier Anglia Coastal Marquees. (

Photographs from this blog are courtesy from Jules Pound, The Complete Chillout Marquee and County Marquees.

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