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Wild Camping

Love wild camping? If you fancy the freedom of wild camping why not give our farm a go?! The wild camping area at Glevering is known as "The Swale" and is a secluded spot overlooking undulating fields framed by ancient trees.  On arrival you will be personally welcomed to the farm and provided with directions. 

We have no facilities so please do bring everything you may need for your stay. For those new to wild camping we have listed the basics below:

  • Tent / Motorhome or Campervan

  • Sleeping bag

  • Camp stove, food & water

  • Torch

  • Trowel, camp toilet or bags for toilet waste

We welcome tents and, if you love the idea of wild camping but prefer a few comforts, motorhomes and campervans. The Swale is available as a private pitch for one booking only - this can be for a single motor home or campervan or booked for a maximum of two households. Sorry but we do not accept bookings from single sex groups or groups larger than six adults.

We also welcome LandRover or off-road vehicles with roof tents and we are able to provide a map of the farm with a suggested spot for the perfect sunset against a woodland backdrop. Please enquire for more details and see our instagram page for recent visitors!

Where do we pitch?

"The Swale" is our dedicated wild camping spot and extends to 0.2 acres. Campers will be provided with a map showing the site together with access to the public bridleways. Please also note our camping area excludes all woodland for health & safety reasons.  

So how do I book?

If you like the sound of our farm, please complete the following booking form and we will ping you confirmation, payment information and directions for your visit. The cost is £10 per person, per night with a minimum booking price of £20 (max six tents).



Thanks for your booking, we will email you with your confirmation and details for your stay

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